World War III Radio: А за окном всё так же серо (April 2023)

А за окном всё так же серо: The English translation is, “and outside it’s still gray.” That resonates but maybe it should be inside and not outside. The weather does what it will but my spirits remain more or less the same. There are actions to be taken and tools to employ but for some reason… For some reason…

That’s not entirely true, but I remain hesitant to look at myself, perhaps out of fear that it’s not the mirror that’s cracked, but myself. So I look at the things that are easier to manage and sidestep the others. Avoidant behavior isn’t particularly healthy but I’m good at it. There’s been plenty of opportunity to practice.

This crazy war has gotten me down. Can you remind me again who is fighting and why? It’s been so long now that who really remembers? Was there a point, at some point? Was there a rhyme or a reason or do people just like to fight? That’s how it seems sometimes. Anger rises from nothing. Friends jump up to have it over any number of trivial issues.

I don’t know. Time to go to work. I know work.

Oh, the word of the day is Torschlusspanik, the fear that the time to act is running out.

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