World War III Radio: Топ, чтоб было под что грустить на выходных

Топ, чтоб было под что грустить на выходных translated has something to do with being sad for the weekend. As it happens I was listening to this on this past Saturday, in the midst of a 72 hour rainfall with nowhere to go with an awful lot of feelings. Exactly what the feelings were and what triggered them doesn’t matter. Suffice to say that people rarely bring up feelings unless they are particularly unpleasant, and I’m not exception. That’s sad for sure. We don’t talk enough about feelings. We either don’t address it or we sit by ourselves with the curtains drawn, listening to sad songs on random playlists. The songs themselves don’t even matter, as long as they’re vibing sad along with us.

Hey, I’m not proud, but that was my weekend.

This isn’t all that’s playing down here in my bunker. It’s just the stuff that’s resonated the hardest and deepest. I might, at some point, get around to sharing the other treasures I’ve exhumed over the last few weeks, but with black clouds rolling in yet again, it’s not likely to be this morning. Enjoy this, wherever you are. Out on the streets headed to the mines and factories and trenches… Or recovering at home with your curtains pulled shut.

I’m off.

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