Radio Quarantine -Boris Brejcha • Minimal Techno @Code Selection

Still ruminating on sense-making in an age where the sense-making institutions are collapsing and being locked down has exposed us to a torrent of info-bytes as we look through our only real connection to the outside world. I’ve been through this discussion before. It’s impacted me less as I’ve already accepted that the good sense and a solid narrative and firmament were largely illusion anyway. Still, it’s mostly just me sitting here looking outwards and the one question that can’t be escaped or ignored is, where the fuck is all this headed? What’s it going to take to find some common ground. The closest the Tribes of the Red Pill and the Blue Pill have come to consensus in recent years is in finding a third tribe to fear and/or hate. Even a lot of the narrative behind that has been exposed as bullshit, so we’re all just kind of flailing about. I flail a bit less. I accept more and fear less. This is all so much bigger than myself.

BORIS BREJCHA is everything this morning, and this mix is killer. I’d hoped for more images or animation with the video but that frees me to just turn up the music and move and get things done. More gray skies this morning and no damn place to go, the trip upstate having been called off (thanks for fuck-all, COVID-19) but it’s another thing that’s just bigger than me. Nobody has a weather machine and nobody has a vaccine, so might as well just roll with it.

What’s true anymore? What’s safe anymore? Well, that’s going to be difficult to say and the truth may never be known. So many people of so many different backgrounds have felt free to share with me that they believe that both the government and anti-government forces have conspired to blow it all up for political traction. That the right and the left are tugging at our attentions with doomsday prophecies and so on. The arguments might be even more toxic than the virus itself so I’m just sticking what I know. There are 160,000 dead in the U.S. so far. That’s a shit ton of dead people and a lot of families left in the lurch with no real answers. They are probably not calling it a hoax though. I know I wouldn’t. That’s one I thing I know for certain. I also know that there are good protocols and precautions to prevent catching any bug or virus. That’s two things I know for sure in a time of uncertainty. That’s enough for me right now. If I have to walk around like this, I will.

I’m still thinking about the moral responsibility of finding common ground with “the other side.” It may come down to mutual survival. It really already has. Will we be sitting here arguing about climate change while the water rises around our knees? The problem is that I don’t feel so much invested into the survival of climate change deniers. Same for people that can’t bring themselves to acknowledge racial injustices or any number of social ills. The very idea that my own survival and that of good people is inextricably tied to theirs’ makes me throw up into my mouth a little. It’s an irony pill that’s really hard to get down. How do you find common ground with people who would be entirely indifferent or even happy if you were beneath the ground?

It’s pretty certain though that we all have to zoom out to a broader focus though. There are existential threats that are bigger than the tribal war. It’s all so… primitive.

It is nicely soundtracked though and that’s kind of funny. My man Boris here is so very, very German. If asked to listen to this without knowing and pick a country of origin, Germany would be my first choice. That’s a backhanded compliment to the Germans really. The music is incredible and inspiring. It’s also dark and mechanical and… German.

So what else do I know is true? I know that no matter what happens, I will go out dancing.

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