Radio Quarantine -w u s o 命 : Hold It Together (2017)

Lo-fi, chillwave, vaporwave, synthwave, cyberpunk, ambient, drone… w u s o 命 gets all these tags and then some on Bandcamp. Real name Sebastien Martin-Schultz, and that did surprise me some. Much of this stuff is from Japan and the name would suggest as much, but it’s become a very small world these last 20 years so why not? This one though, isn’t as much background noise. It demands a lot more attention and that’s okay by me. I don’t really look for background music. Hold It Together is for up and moving. It’s not artsy, industrial musak.

Mood today… a bit up from yesterday for no reason, but yesterday and the previous days had no discernible reason either. I just don’t know. There’s a day of work to grind into and then four days off with the Labor Day Weekend. I’m not hearing many travel reports which are a staple of holiday news buzz. It’s kind of funny. No talk of heavy traffic warnings or gas prices or best places to go. Not to lean into schadenfreude but it makes it easier for the people with no place at all to go. I probably would have actually taken off for at least a couple days, and that’s been rare for me in recent years. There hasn’t been a lockdown in recent years either so the cabin fever wasn’t as high. I will make it out of the five boroughs at some point soon though. It’s not even a luxury pursuit at this point. It’s emotional and spiritual maintenance. I’ll have a formidable arsenal of travel music to take along too.

Hold It Together, indeed. Hold it together.

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