Radio Quarantine -Nico Fidenco ‎– Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Black Emanuelle” (1975)

I’d left this up overnight as a placeholder (a groovy placeholder, with breasts) so I wouldn’t lose track, but I jest, really. Without the music it would be just stupid. The series of movies were trash, of interest more as a document of pop culture trying hard to maybe not so much to embrace a new sexual freedom but to monetize it. The quality of the screenwriting was generally poor. The acting was often dire. The sex was tepid. Whatever they were trying to do, you can judge the result for yourself. The soundtracks though were fire. These were topnotch composers and musicians working in first rate studios with superb engineers and the soundtracks overshadow the films themselves. We associate the sounds with the general cheesiness but that’s probably not fair. Had they been released as stand-alone records… had the films never been released… the music probably would have fared better. The films weren’t even pornographic by porno standards, and they weren’t good films either. The soundtracks were compelling and crazy.

I’ve still got dozens of these queued up. I’ll probably get distracted before any of them make it to Radio Quarantine, but… whatever. If you don’t like them, then enjoy the breasts.

I’m willfully ignoring the outside world, for the most part, except where work is concerned. The nature of my job is that I end up talking about the pandemic all day and how it’s really driving all of our business decisions. Then I move on to our digital products, as they actually came about because of the extra time and resources afforded us by not having live events. Try to focus on the positives. Present it as an opportunity, and that’s not such a stretch to sell. I’ve said before that the switch in routines and mobility could open doors in our personal lives. It is true of our professional lives as well. You can take these new paths, or you lose… so… in any event, by the time the days are done I’ve little energy or motivation for serious thought or discussion. I’m ignoring politics mostly. I let CPAC come and go without giving it much of my attention. The Biden administration is moving forward with some productive, new tactics while engaging in the same old same old. Syria was bombed last week, for example. Yawn… I’m not dismissing the horror of it. but who expected any different. We knew already who these people are, these people running the game. There will be very few surprises. Their overtures towards addressing the pandemic may be new, but everything else is their regular… shit. So let that go on without me for now. It’s bigger than I am.

There are softcore porn soundtracks to get to.

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