Radio Quarantine -Barigozzi Group – Woman’s Colours (1973)

Not technically a soundtrack, Women’s Colours from the BARIGOZZI GROUP might ostensibly be the backdrop to any swinging adventures you can conjure up. It’s very 1970s in its vibe but light years ahead of the orchestral pop jazz from the movie soundtracks from ten years before. These are the sounds we associate with the jetsetting 1970s. It’s every damn thing! I’m still trying to dig up video or recordings from two earlier albums but this seems to be the only one posted in its entirety on YouTube. It’s well documented though amongst aficionados of Italian/Euro Jazz from the era. It’s strange that it’s so familiar to me, having only heard it this week.

It feels like there is so much more to say today but maybe it will come out in a later post. It’s nearly a full year since the ol’ Corona virus sent us all home. Well, not all of us, but a significant number of people. It’s been a hell of a ride, much worse of course for a lot of people. There are those that lost their jobs entirely and haven’t found anything new. There are those who got sick or had sick family members. Businesses closed… etc. etc. I don’t have the energy to get into it right now. It will be a busy day. The dog has an appointment with the vet. I’ve got an appointment with my vet. I should probably vacuum and dust.


At least I’ll have some groovy tunes to keep me moving.

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