Radio Quarantine -Armando Trovaioli ‎–Una Magnum Special Per Tony Saitta (1976)

The Italian Dirty Harry? This is another film with possibilities, if it’s available somewhere, preferably with subtitles, The overdubbing in Italian films can be pretty dire from my experience, but who doesn’t love a good rogue cop story? It comes down to the question, so do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you?

I feel lucky.

The soundtrack, by ARMANDO TROVAIOLI, is a banger! It’s not one that can really be considered outside the context of being a soundtrack, but it rocks in its own right. You can almost see the trajectory of the film through the action, with perhaps a bit of a romantic sub-plot, some tense confrontations with the brass, and back to action.

I’m going to have to see if I can line a few of these films up before the weather precludes staying inside with Netflix and Amazon. It’s almost there, despite that it’s wintry cold today. Spring is right around the corner. Maybe one more snowstorm slamming in, but then…

I’ve enough to keep me busy through the rest of the cold snaps.

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