Museo de la Cuarentena -Jakub Baczyński – Photographer – Poland

Jakub Baczyński – Warsaw, Poland

“Probably like others I am delighted with unique moments and extraordinary situations in an ordinary daily life.”

I will still maintain that any moment, even with posed photos, only happens once. That moment when the shutter snaps is unique every single time. Ordinary daily life is an interesting term too, as someone who is viewing that moment. The photographer captures something that may appear ordinary in every sense, but the subject may be experiencing the best or worst moment in their life. There are countless stories in every snap of the shutter. Every shot will hold onto a mystery that will never be revealed one way or another. That’s how life works. We see something one way, and… but that moment is captured in a photograph that tells a story. Our own narrative may be entirely fictional, or not. Every photo holds a slippery truth.

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