Pandemic Radio: HEAVY METAL – LP 4 (2019) And random thoughts on why The Walking Dead really kind of sucks.

I don’t even know where to begin with this so I’m not going to try. You can have a listen and sort out where things stand this morning. There is little to say about HEAVY METAL. They sound nothing like what we called heavy metal or even metal, at any point in my life. Further proof that labels and names don’t matter, I suppose. It’s what works today. Go with it. Giving a nod to PiL’s Album, this is just LP4, after of course, LP, LPII, LPIII and EP thrown in there somewhere. This is their fourth full length album. They have some kind of an audience. I guess now you can include me in that audience.

I may have scrapped this one altogether until I got to MF Golf and it grabbed me. Then I went back to the beginning and queued up the whole album again. Yah… hooked.

Still pondering that tenth season of The Walking Dead. It really is about the worst television I’ve ever seen. Utterly lazy, trite bullshit, and I feel bad saying that because I’m sure the actors and crew put a lot into it. It must mean a lot to them, or that’s assuming it’s more than just a paycheck. It’s just so bad though that it deserves more than just saying it’s bad. I hate people who just dismiss something by saying it sucks, or rather I hate when people do that. Perhaps it’s just a question of the premise itself. Maybe ten long seasons is more than the premise merits. The idea itself may be lacking in the very need for that much thought and attention. They answered all the big “apocalypse questions” in the first couple seasons but one, and that drills it down to one big unanswered question. it’s the big existential question itself: After a point, what’s the point of surviving, if it’s just more of the same, year after year after year? Wouldn’t it be preferable to just be killed off in the first wave? Or the first season as the case may be. If it’s just a prolonged murderous bloodbath with no end in sight, do you really want to be a part of it? Who could even imagine a more dreary life? Do the writers of TWD hate their own characters?

And frankly, the whole idea that they answer that one big question (Are we any different than the bad guys?), with , well yes we are because we have hope and love and vision for a better world… that’s pretty lame. Why are they still going on with this lame “triumph of the human spirit” bullshit? It’s really just crass nationalism not unlike the MAGA people, isn’t it?

Perhaps the best metaphor for how incredibly horrible and lazy the writing has gotten: They killed off Rick’s son Karl and that was sad and all, if you liked or had any empathy for the character. Then they come back down the road with the daughter, who even wears Rick’s hat, like Karl did. The main difference though is that the daughter is just a little killing machine. Whereas the whole point of the Karl character is that you look at him and think Jesus Christ that’s just a child and he’s so damaged by all this… here’s the daughter and there is no depth at all. She is written as a little, sword-wielding, homicidal robot. No emotion. No trajectory from innocence to… to this. She’s just there, the character already fully formed, killing with no empathy or compassion.

The undercurrent of every good zombie franchise are the moments where the humanity of the zombies is acknowledged. That ended years ago with TWD. Now they are just monsters. Only these alien life forms for sorts. And the living people are only just living, with no real reason to stay alive except for just being there to hack up more zombies. Pointless.

Anyway… maybe that’s all that needs to be said. That the show no longer has any point to exist because the characters no longer have any point. They’re barely characters. They are entirely generic. That’s sad, considering the talent involved.

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