Radio Quaratine: Plastic Noise Experience ‎– Transmission (1992)

One might think that this sort of electro-industrial, EBM… this PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, wouldn’t be the go-to for an all-night, all-day headache, but it’s worked. It seems to have cancelled the industrial throbbing and stabbing, pulsing pain, as long as it’s playing anyway. There have been worse days for sure, but it’s been an odd stretch of hours. This too shall pass, as The Crocodiles say. This too shall pass.

On an unrelated note (or maybe thinking too hard causes the pain), Kurt Cobain would have been 55 today had he not artificially shortened his stay here on the planet and blasted the top of his head up the wall behind him. It’s not uncommon still though to hear him referred to as an important generational voice, from speakers both within and outside his own generation. That does make me wonder what takeaways those in his age group (just younger than myself) brought with them that they first heard decades ago. How did his music inform and change their lives and in what ways that they can identify and speak on now? How might people have grown up differently had he never existed? There are a few artists that I can say inform who I am now, namely The Clash, The Jam, Social Distortion, and older folks like Frank Zappa, or John Prine for that matter. They told stories that opened windows for me that inform how I look at other people and in the mirror still. I’m not making a judgment on Cobain. I’m just wondering.

And I’m wondering how he might be different if he’d given himself a chance to sober up, grow up and grow old. It’s tragic… or maybe he would have just become a real cunt. That happens to some people, like Morrissey for example. Who knows?

Anyway… I need a shower. Maybe the pain can be washed away.

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