World War III Radio: Вичуха для олдов (#68)

I’m too fucking old to be a soldier. This war is tiring me the hell out! Maybe it’s time to move off to the country and let the young people have at it. Is there a safe, fenced-in acre somewhere for me, with a small house and a dog and a quiet kitchen? Is there a peaceful place where there are no loud bangs to trigger my PTSD? Does that little, green spot exist for me? Please say it does…

Or am I kidding myself? I would probably miss the heat of battle. It’s all I know. Everything else is merely fantasy.

A troubled mind greeted me again this morning. Too many ghosts haunting these four walls, and more riding in on the four winds. I’m tired, oh my Lord, I’m tired.

To lay me down…

To lay me down…

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