World War III Radio: Почти догорел (Вичуха #99)

Titled Almost Burnt Out (Virucha #99)

Almost Burnt Out… Yes, I get that. I do. That’s how I feel today. Damn near baked out. Dehydrated. Bordering on a crumbling headache and it’s all settled in behind my eyes so rather than taking in images, it feels like heat is beaming out the sockets. Something is off. Damned if I know what it is, but it’s something. The war is wearing on me. War is never sustainable for the body or the spirit, but lately it’s feeling harder. I’d say it’s for younger men, but it’s not. It’s simply not. Had I been the person to make the call we’d all be going home to grow old and fat.

It’s not my call. Never was.

Maybe I’m not sleeping enough. Maybe I need to cut back on caffeine. Or sugar. Or fat. Or another dozen whatnots.

Maybe I need to find cheerful, inspirational music.

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