Oh dear…

They are going to regret letting me drop baggage. I hope their insurance covers prolonged therapy.

Talk about baggage though? There is a couple sitting near me, maybe 55 to 60, arguing quietly but quite bitterly about which of them is the worse alcoholic. I don’t judge. I don’t even care, but they do stink as if they’ve been going all night. He looks like he spends time in the gym. She has obviously had a lot of cosmetic surgery. They both look like they haven’t touched each other in years. It’s in the body language. They’ve been through the whole cycle.

Crush, infatuation, love, boredom, indifference, disdain, indifference, resignation, and on again to disgust. They hate each other the way only two people who haven’t put in the effort can.

Baggage. Check that shit.

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