Small Screen Quarantine: Love, Death & Robots (2019/20 TV)

Netflix describes this as a series but it’s more a collection of shorts, both animated and not, than a series. The common thread is sci-fi, horror, supernatural and a combination of D in the multiple choice test realm. No trick answers. D is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I’m a big fan of shorts and flash fiction. Sometimes there are very good ideas, like relationships, that work best as one night stands and/or quickies. I’m not being shady or stupid. That’s just the way it is. You can ruin a very good idea by stretching it out to a full run.

Love, Death & Robots is a short anthology of visual flash fiction. Some could be drawn out into feature length. Some are better just the way they are here. It’s damn clever, like gory LoonyToons for grown-ups, not that LoonyToons isn’t for adults, but you know what I mean. Like this exchange:

Archeologist: It’s The Impaler

Soldier: Isn’t that a car?

Soldier 2: Thats an Impala, ya stupid cunt!

Oof! I guess that’s not selling it.

I’ve been watching it in doses, one or two episodes at a time. It would be just as good straight through but given the number of shit comments I’ve made on other stuff I’ve been watching (other shit I’ve been watching), I should give this one a fair chance by matching it to my attention span.

Definitely good stuff, though.

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