Radio Quarantine -USSR Heroes | A Dark Sovietwave Mix vol.2

Feb 2021 Youtube Mix by Nights of Cabiria

This mix is a stand-out from the other Sovietwave mixes out there at the moment. It leans more towards techno (not quite there) and is less dreamy, less nostalgic and more… strident? Track 6, The Sinews of Peace, with clips of a Winston Churchill speech coining the phrase ‘Iron Curtain’ lays it out. This is not a Space Age revery. This is the music tied into the history of the USSR itself, and not the vision of the future. This may not even technically be Sovietwave as I’ve come to understand it. What it is though is compelling. It does seem fitting for this Siberian Gulag Spring here in Brooklyn though. It’s about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The remains of last weeks storm are in that ugly half-melt/half-froze place and there is apparently another storm coming in before the weekend passes.

Climate change is not a myth, if we’re speaking of the global weather. It is, however, a myth if we’re talking about the socio-political weather. The brief, post-Trump detente turned out to be illusory. We won’t be clear of this for a generation, it seems. We are not post-Trump. His spectre looms and is still steering the national discourse, if with different faces. We’re in a bad place.

A major Country Music star was caught on video wasted and calling someone the N-word (I hate using that euphemism but hate the actual word more). The good news is that his label dropped him. Radio stations cut his songs from the playlist. The bad news is predictably that sales of his music spiked in response from Trumpists screaming about “cancel culture.”

Cancel culture… an accusation coming from people who have worked hard to systematically worked for generations to cancel non-white voices, lgbtq voices, women… and so on. It’s their new battle cry and came to the forefront a couple years ago in the Charlottesville debacle with a huge horde of white men chanting, “The Jews will not replace us,” in unison. They’ve got a congressperson in office (from Georgia) who is on record as saying that California wildfires a couple years back were set by a giant laser (funded by George Soros which is their new codified language for Zionist conspiracy) shot from space. Another Congressperson from Missouri has been granted time for 12 straight nights (maybe 13) by now) on a major network complaining that his voice is being silenced. It’s uglier than ever, more transparent than ever, and more non-sensical than ever. They have so many conflicting narratives running at the same time, and yet they will defend every single one vigorously. We actually have people holding national offices now that have said that the World Trade Center attacks/911 were an inside job, and that the plane crash into the Pentagon was a hoax etc., but they fail to see why this might negate the need to have a Muslim travel ban, and soldiers in the Middle East.

This is The Age of What The Fuck.

I think that’s why all this old Soviet stuff is resonating with me. As ludicrous as a lot of the rhetoric may have seemed back then, The Red Scare and all that, I’m almost nostalgic for it. It seems almost innocent by comparison. Maybe it’s because the Psychological Warfare, the propaganda assault if you will, is being used more directly on Americans by other Americans. It’s what the Marxists always said: The real existential threat to America and capitalism, is America. It’s just funny now, looking back on the rather abstract fear, as it seemed at the time, of being incinerated, and living now in the knowledge that we probably deserve it.

Quick! Look up irony!

Okay, yes. This is another morning ramble. It’s a jumble of thoughts. It’s a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces all still in the just-opened box. The corner pieces and some of the edges have been located though. One day I may complete it. We are in such a ridiculous place in time. The legend of America has shown its ass. It’s not that nobody ever pointed out that our collective crack was showing. Now though we’ve just bared it all and we’re standing here humiliated and denying to everyone standing around us pointing fingers that our trousers are around our ankles.

Ugh… too many metaphors. You know what? Forget I said anything. Just check out the mix. It’s fire..

[00:00​] Dawid Hallmann – Leningrad [04:49​] Dawid Hallmann – Death of the Monster [09:21​] D.H & BWSP – Antysocjalistyczna awantura [14:37​] D.H & BWSP – Fałszywy Raszyn [19:28​] Dawid Hallmann – Idą powstańcy 1921 [23:16​] D. H. & BWSP – The Sinews of Peace (czyli podwójne życie Winstona Ch.) [29:32​] Dawid Hallmann – Wolnosci Sztaudar [31:02​] Dawid Hallmann – Małe serce [34:12​] Dawid Hallmann – Death of the Monster

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