Radio Quarantine – Depeche Mode: Tour 1990

I’ve said earlier that the release of Violator marked the point where I took notice of Depeche Mode. The little synth-pop ditties of the 80s didn’t really do much at all for me. It all seemed rather generic, like they were riding the wave of a sound and hadn’t paid much attention to who they were as a distinct entity, or artists. That might be selling them short, but there are plenty of people who share my opinion. Maybe they’d just gotten to a point in their fame and fortune where they were allowed to call the artistic shot. Maybe people weren’t ready for the sweat and grime anyway. Who knows, but for me it was Violator that pricked up my ears. Before Violator I put them in the same camp as Rick Astley. My bad, but whatever. I was a grown-ass man and knew already what made a difference. Maybe they needed to grow up too. I get it. We’re the same generation/age and whatnot.

So for as long as this video stays up, it’s really quite good. You get a better portrait of who they are than anything else I’ve witnessed on video. I’m going to have to check out their official tour videos. Spirits in the Forest was short on good concert footage. That was more about the fans, and it was cute enough, but didn’t really say much about the band. It could have, in fact, been about any band.

So for now I’m happy enough to share this.

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