Radio Quarantine – The English go French – Wreckless Eric/Fabulous Poodles

Two examples here of why writing great songs is more important that super-stardom. Either of these songs would have gone triple-platinum and beyond had they sold them to anyone who was already at the top of the pops, but guess what… All these guys who are still standing are still working and touring as musicians. You can count the superstars who are… gone. Obscure.

First, Wreckless Eric and Reconnez Cherie.

I’m going to throw in Whole Wide World despite that it doesn’t fit with the French thing. My blog, my rules.

Then on to the Fabulous Poodles, I remember hearing the first single, Mirror Stars, on WPDH in Poughkeepsie that first time. Totally hooked. This is the track of tracks though. Cherche Le Femme kills it. I still have that first album on pink vinyl.

No commentary today. Just music.

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