The United States of Dystopia

Alternative Title: The Future is Now

This is the only photo you need to see when you Google Minneapolis, or any city actually. This is Dystopia On Repeat. It’s a nightmare on a loop, with a militarized police force patrolling nearly every city. It’s one victim after another after another. The victims are predominantly black men. If you don’t see that, well then you simply don’t want to see it or don’t care. Maybe you’re too worried about the inconveniences of wearing a mask. Or a white hood.

This is the photo that will dominate front pages for the next few days. It’s a hell of an image for sure. Call it what you want. Call it a metaphor for outrage. It seems to me more like the perfect image to supplant the previous image in the minds of the world. It’s historical revisionism that will guarantee the repetition of the first scene.

The same old handwringing bullshit is already in full effect. You’ve heard it all. Ooooh but how will this help the situation? Oooooh look how this disrespects the memory of George Floyd (see soon to be dead man in first photo)! Well, perhaps if George Floyd, the man that is George Floyd, was respected as a human being, he wouldn’t be a memory. And America, you’ve already made it perfectly fucking clear that you’ve no respect for peaceful protest or protest of any kind. What else is left? The fact that George Floyd’s life ended the way it did shows a complete disregard for the countless victims before him. How will their memory be protected?

It has been my attempt to make these (nearly) daily missives about other things than what anyone can see in the news. Silence though, seems the most abusive neglect and disrespect. This is being left here as an epitaph for everything we ever claimed to be as a people.

I watch one film after another about these dystopian visions of the future. Near future. Distant future. Whatever. The truth is that everything depicted in these works of fiction reflects our daily truth. These futures are happening right now. That’s really the bottom line with my fascination for these films and books I watch. Some are better than others but they all reflect a common theme, and that is what we believe makes us human and civilized. I mentioned the “pow” line from the Op-Ed piece on AI a couple days ago. By studying robots and AI and how to make them closer to human, we have to truly examine what it is that makes us what we are. The zombie films and the alien attacks and post-apocalyptic wastelands all pose scenarios that put our sense of humanity to extreme tests. Another common theme with those is that an awful lot of people fail the test.

And returning to some earlier ruminating on The Matrix, I do believe that men like George Floyd (black men) continue to die is that so many of us claw our way back into The Matrix, much like Cypher did, because reality is far too fucking bleak.

And if you need any further evidence from me in regard to militarized police force and Orwellian sanctions on media, here’s a CNN REPORTER AND HIS CREW BEING ARRESTED ON LIVE TELEVISION.

And it would be remiss to ignore the twitter threats from the reality show president. You couldn’t write this as fiction. It’s too absurd.

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