Small Screen Quarantine – The Rover (2014)

Sometimes you throw on a movie just to kill time and that’s pretty much how this one came about on my quarantine-screen. It started with a Netflix search on the term ‘post-apocalyptic’ and headed into ‘what the hell’ territory straight through to ‘that was a lot better than it has any right to be.’ It happens that way sometimes.

What I got with THE ROVER was a sort of modern day western with Toyotas instead of horses. It reminded me a lot of Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven. Same slow burn. Same sense of resignation to this is what we do because it’s how it’s done and someone has to pay the price. Surprise brilliant performance though was from Robert Pattinson. He really stole the show on this one.

So as I’ve said, I don’t do reviews. I’ll do recommendations and I’ll recommend this to anyone who enjoyed The Unforgiven. There was an exchange that stuck with me though and that’s what I’ll remember moving forward. The Rover (main dude) is questioning a boy he’s taken prisoner and in response to the information he receives back he asks, “Is this what you know or did someone tell you?”

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to ask people this when they say something to me! There are so many situations and events and subjects that a person will relate or expound upon and you just have to wonder, is this for real? Did you read this on Wikipedia? Did someone tell you this? Did someone read it on Wikipedia and then tell you? And the one that is the most common, do you know this yourself or are you guessing based on bits of information you’ve overheard?

This is also a good reminder to be mindful about what you repeat. Are you sharing information or hearsay?

Anyway, there is so much more right about The Rover. There’s a grimy, filthy ROGER BALLEN feel to the cinematography. It’s not just the Outback setting. It lends a vibe that the entire world has gone to waste since the economic collapse. That’s another thing that sets it apart from the average post-apocalyptic cinema fare. It’s not nukes, zombies, disease or aliens that brought everything down. It was a financial pandemic. Good call. It hadn’t really occurred to me that financial apocalypse could be the final worldwide collapse, but why not? It’s probably more likely than zombies or aliens.

Well played, dawg. Well played.

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