Argument of the Day: Laughter is not the best medicine.

On the subject of another crashingly dull cliche, let’s consider “laughter is the best medicine” as another that should be retired. Laughter is great, but it’s not medicine. It’s an anesthetic, and may even be the best, because it offsets the pain and shock of reality.

Truth is the best medicine, and laughter could be what gets you by while truth heals.

The Crocodiles are fond of saying that a person is only as sick as their secrets or what remains hidden. That’s an adage that might be a lot more useful if you intend to be in this for the long game strategy. And yes, I am a bandaid-ripper, but I do feel that heading straight through the pain is the beginning of the long game.

Laugh, yes! Absolutely! But take your daily dose of truth or you’re just treating symptoms while the other stuff is killing you. Healing and recovery are actions that require actions. There are some wounds, usually the ones that you think laughter is treating, that need to heal in open air and sealing them off with laughter alone will lead to abscess.

And cliches are still lazy. Laughter is not the best medicine.

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