Radio Quarantine – listening to post-rock in uncertain times (2020 YouTube mix by worldhaspostrock)

I suppose I knew that POST-ROCK was a thing, a genre if you will, even if the descriptions I’ve read seem more a catch-all phrase for more non-traditional rock/pop instrumentalists, or kind of a new version of the JAM BAND. That’s not to be dismissive at all. We agree on names and definitions on all sorts of things to communicate distinctions between this thing or that thing. This isn’t rock music in any sense of the word, so for lack of anything better. It’s not new, but my interest in people creating soundscapes over traditional compositions or songs may be more heightened in recent years. Still, I’d sort of feel like a right twat using it in conversation.

Hey MacGregor, what are you listening to these days?

Well, been really getting into post-rock a lot more.

Which wouldn’t exactly be true. I’m just more open to broadening my experience. That’s not exactly new either. It’s just a trek that’s taken me in different directions. I’m going to post the mixologist’s playlist for this mix below. None are acts that I’m at all familiar with, not even in the slightest. Some of the names seem akin to going to a modern art museum and reading the placards and finding the title of the work more enigmatic than the work itself. Again, that sounds dismissive and rude. It’s not. It’s just me, a man with a stunted vocabulary trying to grasp new ideas. It will come. And if any of this would be at all offensive to the ears, this wouldn’t be my second run through with the mix.

So, listening to post-rock in uncertain times… Worldhaspostrock has certainly done his work capturing a vibe or a mood across the selections. They all capture a kind of low-key anxiety and if that doesn’t fit 2020 then nothing does. (Key thought though — the truth of the matter is that all times are uncertain and tenuous whether we are immediately conscious of it or not. That’s the beauty of The Universe in a way, and of our existence as humans. It’s always uncertain but we gather together an idea of things like a still photograph and hold onto that so we can move through it and get done what we need to get done. We persevere in groups and as individuals and do what we need to do. Not to sound like a hippie but it would be a shit world if we were always looking over our shoulders waiting for the Death Comet. We build lives and things and we love and we fuck and we procreate like nothing at all was uncertain. Brave or stupid? Not going to make that call today. It’s not where my head is at.)

1. The Evpatoria Report – Eighteen Robins Road 00:00 https://the-evpatoria-report.bandcamp… 2. Mono – Sabbath 16:43… 3. the abyss inside us – whale song 21:25… 4. Manchuria – Where I’m Going 27:56… 5. Jakob – Malachite 34:18… 6. Ghost In The Wild – Spring: Sweet Return 40:37… 7. i am no hero – Stars 45:48… 8. Sullen Brothr – Eff-Fifteen 52:50…

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