Radio Quarantine -Years of Denial – Body Map (2019)

So, it’s a thread really, that’s run through our culture all along, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker, and so many others and now played out in independent horror movies and video game soundtracks. We are never all that far away from the darkness and it was organic once with legends of creatures that drank blood and werewolves and now we’ve industrialized it and digitized it. It’s the same dark thread though. Maybe it’s just as simple as that we are born knowing that one day we will die, and we can’t wrap our heads around it so we find ways to perpetuate it in our imaginations.

Or maybe we never really die, and what could be darker than that?

I don’t know. I have zero answers. Sum of zero, or maybe less. What i’ve got is a feel for this music and YEARS OF DENIAL was next up on my hit list. This is what their record company says:

Years of Denial is the alter-face of French musician/DJ/producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist/DJ Barkosina Hanusova. With the use of hardware combined with vocals and a plethora of dub devices, YOD are re-visiting the dark corner of Post Punk, Industrial music movement and rave culture.

Fair enough. This is what they sound like:

I can fux wit dat, as the kids say. They pull that gothic, new romantic thread up through and from the 1980s and mix in some 90s techno and industrial… and it’s moving. It’s like riding the subway in the middle of the night. It’s that rhythm.

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