Radio Quarantine -True Russian Doomer (suicide edition)

Not even going to venture a guess as to how homeboy here got to the face of SOVIETWAVE or “Doomer Music” as it’s sometimes called. The intertoobz are a strange enough universe that no explanation is really needed. Something catches on, or it doesn’t catch on. Then a couple years later, guys my age find out about it and obsess for a while. This 3+ hour mix will soundtrack my day, as said obsession is in full swing.

The aesthetic works for me, even if the ‘doomer’ appellation doesn’t. Well, maybe… who knows? A man doesn’t always get to describe himself. People being what people are, will throw any old thing up against the walls of your identity and see what sticks. That’s who you are to them. Doomer? No, I wouldn’t say so.

This despite knowing that getting on the phone today and being personable and making small talk is going to knock the stuffing out of me.

I’m still curious about what the city is going to look like this fall. Will we all be back to the old routines, commuting and eating out and doing all that New York stuff? Will we all be immune to Covid-19 at some point and going about our business? It doesn’t seem likely but it all remains to be seen. Strange times indeed, old man. Strange times.

But the soundtrack being in place now, it’s time to get up and move.

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