Radio Quarantine – Horizons: Sovietwave Mix

It’s not the mix that struck first. It’s the word “horizons.” It’s the second time in the past 24 that it’s come up and it rung the same way in my head. The only horizons one will witness in New York City… the view from the shore looking out at the ocean, and from high atop a skyscraper looking out in any direction. There are no horizons here. Just views. Things to look at. There is no line way out somewhere where the world begins to curve and disappear.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard some of the tracks on this mix before, and certainly some of the artists. That doesn’t lessen the experience. Not at all. It’s not the songs. It’s the mix, and the mix works.

And the artwork is every damn thing!

I feel an odd peace this evening that I didn’t wake up with. Surely it has something to do with tasks accomplished today but there are just as many lined up for tomorrow. They seem manageable though. That’s all it takes, to know that it’s all manageable. Of course it’s usually manageable but it doesn’t always feel as though it is.

Feelings aren’t facts.

There is clarity this evening that wasn’t here this morning. There is a laundry list of tasks ahead. That’s okay.

For now a tracklist:

  • 00:00 Весна 310 – Открывая путь в космос
  • 04:11 Маяк – Горизонты
  • 08:11 Марксэн – Огни далёких звёзд
  • 11:39 Время акаций – Новые миры
  • 15:25 USSRTEA – KRASNOYARSK 1982
  • 18:35 Гербарий – Шепот Планет
  • 22:07 Юность-21 – Холод
  • 25:42 Удары синтезаторов – Пульсар
  • 30:27 Перламутровый Стробоскоп – Волны
  • 33:13 Восход – 7 – Первый полёт
  • 36:13 Суперюность – Мечты О Космосе

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