Radio Quarantine – Selofan: Partners In Hell (2020)

Greece doing this post-punk thing too with SELOFAN, and of course there are others. There are others who aren’t taken with presenting the pastoral, sunshine-y world. It’s easy enough to get on the pop charts anywhere writing happy songs, or writing love songs for mall culture or beach culture. It takes a little bit more though so stay up past sunset and address the other half of ever twenty-four hours.

This one is going to come in again with one video at a time. The entire partners in hell album is available on YouTube but not in one piece.

It seems there is going to be a lot left unsaid today. There is neither the time nor the energy to address it all. Some days are like that after nights of tossing, broken sleep. Heaven only knows what that’s about. Those nights have been rare lately, but I suppose there will always be visitations. We can discuss that later. It’s time to work.

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