Radio Quarantine – Futuro Antico (1980)

Had I known in 1980 that sounds like FUTURO ANTICO existed, surely my head would have exploded. I don’t know that I was ready to stand with my feet in different countries and eras and dimensions simultaneously. It’s sort of a game of intellectual and spiritual Twister. The b/w image above suggests a West African experimental sound but that doesn’t describe it at all. It’s more organic than most of what’s been shared here in the Radio Quarantine space, but it’s not exactly earthly and it’s not exactly “World Music,” which is a term I loathe, by the way. You’re just going to have to give it a listen.

I’m not going to dally about today. It’s not a thinking day. It’s not a meditation day. The soles of my feet are itchy. It’s a movement day. An exploration day. An outside day. There’s a vague sense that something is chasing me, or that time is running out on something but it’s most likely just the weekend slipping away. Feelings don’t have to be rational. They don’t even always deserve the attention we give them. There are times where it’s probably best not to pay attention at all, but of course that opens the door to an argument. You can talk to my back.


But the music…

The music. Music is such a strange universe. We all think we’re at the center of that universe listening to whatever it is that we’re loving at any given time in our lives. Then we come to find that there are people making sounds so far removed from our subjective center. There are people who may not even be paying attention to what we hold onto with an evangelical fervor. They may even think that our tastes and our passions are complete trash. Or not. It’s humbling though to imagine that others simply don’t care. That they may have never even given it a second thought.

Kind of funny.


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