Covidian Philosophy Hour – The Original Doomers & How To Find Meaning.

Throwing this out there for a little bit of context around the term DOOMER. It’s probably important to note that only the name is new. Doomers have always existed, and in this video a couple of the original doomers, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer are revealed to be the solution to the doomerisms.

I’m down with all of it. Knowing that the narrative you’re expected to not only live by but hold sacred is utter trash is actually liberating. Be your own god. Find your own meaning. Make your own purpose. You can be every bit as happy and joyful or just plain content as anybody. I mean, it helps that so many people just aren’t really all that happy to begin with, so you may end up happier than most. It’s a lot of time saved though, where you don’t have to sit around flummoxed by everything that you can’t reconcile.

Value less, and by that I mean place value on many fewer things and ideas and ideals. Then you can devote your attention to perhaps a single better idea, or two. You could spend your whole life looking around you for meaning and purpose, when the whole time you could just make your own.

That’s freedom.

This video shows the transition from Doomer to Bloomer. I think it’s important to at least think about a path out of melancholia just in case you should find yourself there. It’s the message and not the messenger sometimes, so I’ll even indulge the author’s admiration of Jordan Peterson.

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