Radio Quarantine -Asylum Party – Picture One (1988)

I guess this would be more of an EP from ASYLUM PARTY, another French export from the mid to late 80s. No need for yet another windy explanation of post-punk or cold wave. This is the sound that’s hooked me, or one of the sounds, in the long semi-quarantine, semi-lockdown days. I’m no longer even looking within for an explanation. It’s simply what works for now.

So, cold wave for a cold wave. The temperatures dropped into the low 30s overnight and it will be warmer again in a couple days but there was a nice snap in the air early this morning when I was out with the dog. It made me… happy. I can use that word. It’s no lie.

Nothing much to say, but rather than that being a symptom of a funk, it’s that there really is nothing at all to say. If you stumble across this, enjoy the music.


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