Radio Quarantine -BEST OF SOUDIERE | PHONK LEGENDS VOL. 1 (2019 mix)

Okay, fuck it. I’ve got to cop to it. I can’t keep up with all the names and subgenres of music. Save it for the kids on Soundcloud and Reddit. I don’t really have any clear idea of what can be legitimately be called PHONK. Look it up. Maybe one of the definitions will help you more than it helped me. I do know this much. This is hip hop. And I know that every day needs a soundtrack of some sort, and this is my soundtrack this morning. And whoever SOUDIERE may be, he does what he does really fucking well. This mix is fire! Props to France for producing this producer/dj.

I’m still struggling to put two coherent thoughts together this morning. Maybe the trippy beats aren’t helping either, but high octane coffee sure isn’t. It might be a good day to go back to bed. The Spectacle is in hyperdrive out there. I’m still trying to figure out what the endgame is for Donald J. Fucking Trump and his team of sweaty lawyers is. They were on television for hours yesterday talking about nebulous concepts of freedom and democracy. It was like watching televangelists on a toxic mix of acid and heroin. The message it seemed to me is that election fraud has been going on so long that we can no longer trust the system and we should just throw it all out. They never got to the point where they mentioned a clear fix for any of it, so I presume they are kind of saying without saying that we should just let things stand until Orangeman decides to step down on his own.

Whenever that may turn out to be.

It seems the spectacle is the entire point, instead of just… well… if nothing is real then nothing is real so we should just trust them to run things because we can’t be trusted to do it ourselves. I don’t know. It was painful and cringeworthy. It was like if Lars Von Trier wrote a script minus his obligatory rape scene and then had the bastard child of David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick produce a nightmare film. Well, actually, with this crew of deviants a rape scene is going to happen organically. Just grab them by the…

And so on…

The most frightening part is that it’s really happening and they could get on television and say anything and based on the evidence of over 70 million votes, get away with it. Nobody on that side is questioning them no matter how fucked up far they go. It hasn’t been about anything approaching facts and truth for a long, long time but it didn’t seem it would ever get as far away from truth as it has. If you wrote this nobody would find it believable. If you dreamed this you would run immediately to a doctor and demand medication.

Speaking of medication, we have a seemingly very self-medicated Rudy Giuliani, formerly known by some as America’s Mayor, leading the Orange Charge. This is not a doctored photo. Yes, he looks that bad. He sounded worse. He was visibly sweating profusely, hair dye melting down onto his face. Nobody else in the room was sweating. His hands shook. He fumbled with the microphone. He ranted. He slurred. He chugged water like he had just crawled out of the Sahara. He quoted My Cousin Vinny…


Do his people see that he is in very serious need of help? Whatever you believe he ever was or wasn’t, pro or con, this man is in very obvious need of hospitalization. Dragging him out on stage again and again, propping him up and letting him run off script is probably the most ugly, cruel thing you can do to a person who has long been in tragic decline. Or at least it would be tragic were he not such a malevolent asshole.

And this is not even a partisan message, though my disdain for this whole crew is well documented. I wasn’t a fan of the horrid, coarse, priapic, lecherous freakshow that was Bill Clinton or his neo-liberal robot wife either, but at least they were redeemed by coherence. It doesn’t escape me that Joe Biden was the architect of some of the most cruel, racist policy ever unleashed on the planet. It does cross my mind that for every photo of Barack Obama being a Super-Dad here at home there was a child killed by a drone strike somewhere else. It’s all smoke and mirrors, but we need something we can work with. The Republicans jumped the shark decades ago and are now in the territory of uncharted stupidity.

But I’ve got a soundtrack. And when it comes down to it that’s what my Radio Quarantine is about. It’s not so much about music as it is a representation of where my head is at on any given day. Today is one of those “you must be fucking kidding me” days. The beats here are edgy and deliberate. The music is kind of dreamscape-y but hard. That’s where I am.

Jesus, more coffee, I guess. Get more coffee.

Hello Friday.

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