Radio Quarantine – Somos La Herencia: Domo (2020)

They’re not messing around in Madrid either. SOMOS LA HERENCIA is keeping the dark in darkwave over in Madrid. My comprehension of Spanish is just good enough that nothing is lost here… or perhaps a bit of nuance in the turns of phrase. Domo (which I believe translates as malice) brings a dark goth pageantry into the mix and though they don’t necessarily sound like Depeche Mode, there is a similar vibe. It’s a big sound

They sky opened up last night and dumped a ton of wet snow. It’s still lovely this early on, despite the all-night heavy scrape of plows out on Ocean Parkway. They rumbled so hard coming down the on-ramp that the building trembled a bit, like low-key fear. I remained unphased beneath heavy blankets with icy air coming in through the cracked window. Perfect for dreams but there were none that lasted into waking time. They happened for sure. There are traces but more like scents left when someone leaves a room.

This should be my last work day for 2020 if my time off is approved. That is still pending, which is annoying. The verbal okay was given but there’s nothing official without a signature. Not sure what that is about, but… it’s much needed, the time off. I looked in the mirror on Monday morning and saw an exhausted man staring back. It’s time to reboot.

It’s time to reboot, and it’s going to take some time.

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