Radio Quarantine -Techno 2077 Innovative / Futuristic Techno Mix

2020 Youtube Mix by Dalziel

Pretty much at the halfway point of January and a week beyond, or no… past, but not beyond… the riots at the Capitol. Arrests have been made. The clown has been impeached in the House of Representatives a second time. There will ostensibly be a new president in about six days. We’re nowhere closer to a real, lasting solution. What does one do in the face of all the weirdness and uncertainty? It’s a day at a time sort of answer. You strip it all down to whatever small amount of certainty you have for the moment. What needs to be done that you actually have some control over? Where can decisions be made and actions be taken.


Just work.

For today.

Make a couple additions to top it off. Add a soundtrack. Check

Add some visuals. Check.


Sounds silly, right? It’s not though. It’s gotten me through more trials and tribulations than I can count. Trust me on this one.

We can leave this right here for the moment. There’s nothing more to be said for now. It may deserve mention that the Covid-19 death toll is somewhere over 350,000 but you’ll notice there’s been no postings here dedicated to it in a while. It’s not taken for granted but it’s become such a part of the fabric of day to day life that there isn’t a lot to say. The roll-out of the vaccines has been a clusterfuck, and there is a lot of uncertainty there too. How effective will it be? The Pfizer vaccine, which is the most common being used right now, doesn’t present immunity so much as it lowers the impact once you’ve caught it. There is no evidence that those who’ve been vaccinated can’t contract it or spread it. It’s still a long haul. Cross your fingers that another virus doesn’t come along in the meantime. There’s already a Covid-19 mutation that’s even more viral.

Strip it down. Take care of what you can take care of today.

Work, art, music, dance…

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