Museo de la Cuarentena – Alexey Titarenko Photography

There are still over 7 million people here in New York City, and photography is the tip of the evidence iceberg, showing how many different ways our eyes and brains filter what we see when we walk out of the house each time. The New York City of ALEXEY TITARENKO is uniquely his own, as yours and mine belong solely to us. These photographs, taken over the course of the last ten years or so, do have some close parallels with my own. We share the same space at the same time and maybe even some very similar filters. His craft, or his ability to convey his vision, is of course far more developed than mine but there is a reason these images feel so personal. They also feel very timely. They are quiet, but not peaceful. There are very few better descriptors for this town. Even if it’s relatively quiet, it’s rarely peaceful. There is a foreboding in the quiet.

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