Radio Quarantine -Belgrado – Obraz

It’s international, this post-punk, coldwave thing, and why not? There is a resonance that seems to transcend cultures and languages. There is a vibration. We’re all experiencing the same thing, and whatever you want to call it, it’s creating a cold distance. A romantic detachment. A personal detachment. A chilling anxiety. There is no herd immunity, because if there were we would have gone beyond this by now. It’s not nostalgia either. It’s a very now vibe. We all want love. We all want passion. We all want warmth and light, but few want to be vulnerable, or if they do, nobody is talking about it. There are songs about loss and loneliness in all languages, but it doesn’t quite make it to our conversations, except maybe in private discourse with therapists for those brave enough to want to sort out what’s wrong with them.

How did things get so cold?

Or maybe it’s just the weather.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’ve just allowed myself to exhale more fully, but “things” seem a bit less tense over the last few days out there in “the world.” It’s most likely that the hate ship lost its rudder and the crew is regrouping while they sort out exactly what the nature of their philosophical core may actually be. They have no rallying focus for the moment. They’re all still out there for the moment but where there was never quite enough organization for their numbers, they had a focus with the administration. Make no mistake though, they’ve not gone anywhere. There are going to be some atrocities. It’s just harder to say exactly when and where. So I’m resting for now. Take it where you can. It could be a long cold winter. Grab ahold of whatever gets you by, but don’t fall asleep just yet. The second act could begin at any time.

There is talk of a new political party on the right as the farther right is giving the sideways glance to some of their leadership and trying to decide if some of them are still aboard for the revolution. It seems to me a 2nd Right is redundant. The leaders who appear to be back-pedaling a bit now are re-grouping also and trying to gauge their constituency to see if how many have lost faith in the nonsense they’ve perpetuated for the last ten years. My guess is that it’s not going to take much to get them all fired up again. Some creep or another is going to lift his ugly head up from the swirl and take the helm again.

As for the rest of us? Who the hell knows? We’re all trying to decide on our own normal, or whether to take the blue pill or the red pill, or maybe there’s a third pill. It’s a hard call. I think most people just want to live, laugh and love or whatever that awful wall-hanging says. We are waiting to exhale, to borrow another movie reference out of context.

As for me personally, I’m stuck with whatever happens but it has occurred to me that I won’t be around long enough to be worrying about it now. That’s not me being morbid. It’s just the truth of the matter. It sounds selfish also, but this fighting… is it really where I should be at this point and is it what I should be doing? I’ve said it again and again. I’m too old for this shit. I’m not “old-old” but too old to wake up every day just to punch and shout. There has to be something more for me to offer at this point.

Eh, whatever…


I’ll punch if I have to .

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