Human Tetris – Happy Way in the Maze of Rebirth (2012)

Where the hell was I in 2012? It was apparently not Moscow, listening to pop music. Too bad too because I fucking love this album by HUMAN TETRIS! Then again, it’s only in the last year that it’s become clear to me how much has simply passed me by while I was involved in other things. The downtime from the pandemic has allowed me so much more time to actually immerse myself in sound the way I did when I was a teenager. I really haven’t enjoyed music this much in decades.

There jusr hasn’t been time in years to sit and let the music wash over me in waves and tumble down rabbit holes, with different artists and genres and countries. So really, Human Tetris could have played down the block from me and I never would have known. I lost touch. They are definitely one of the more unique sounding post-Soviet post-punk bands that have crossed my path. Some, as perfect as they are, do sound much like the last one. These guys though…

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