Radio Quarantine -Piero Umiliani – Paranoia (Orgasmo) (1969)

Tell you what. This film synopsis actually sounds intriguing, kind of a slow burn, psychological thing. Having not seen it myself it’s hard to say if they pulled it off but its something that might be interesting, despite that the original title (Orgasmo) is utter cheese.

“Kathryn West, a glamorous American widow, arrives in Italy several weeks after the death of her older, extremely wealthy husband. With the help of Brian, her lawyer, Kathryn moves into a luxurious villa and proceeds to lead a lonely, uneventful existence until one day, a handsome young man named Peter Donovan shows up at the front gate, looking for tools so that he can fix his sports car. Kathryn lets him stay the night, and the next thing she knows, she is madly making love to him in the shower. Peter eventually moves in and is soon joined by a free spirit who he introduces as Eva, his sister. Kathryn enjoys their company and partying with them – until she begins to suspect that Peter and Eva are not what they seem to be, after catching them in bed together. Their relationship turns into a threesome, and when she begins to rebel against them, they keep her a prisoner in the house, doping her up with booze and pills, and depriving her of sleep by continuously playing a maddening pop song (“Just Tell Me”). Kathryn suspects that they are setting her up as a “suicide” for some nefarious reason.”

Piero Umiliani is definitely in good form though. The soundtrack is hot as hell, the embodiment of 1969. It’s that adulthood, jetset, Playboy, Hugh Hefner, James Bond, Jean Paul Belmondo thing I was talking about. Grown-up shit for sure.

And just to pull this one out, this is the song referenced in the synopsis above:

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