Pandemic Radio: Let’s go with Lounge and Chill out Music – Apericena Roma centro (2017)

I can’t bring myself to say arrivederci Roma and goodbye to all these Irma Records mixes. It’s not that all of them really float my boat musically, as it turns out. It’s not exactly if they’re just background music either. It’s somewhere in between with a few of them and this one in particular. It’s something about having something to engage with, but not to fully engage with. Does that make sense?. It does to me. I’m just surfing a vibe and moving with the current. It’s about effortlessness. It’s both the lack of desire and an inability to put in the effort, so I’m just flowing along, and to be fair this is a solid mix musically. It’s not just being too lazy to turn the channel. I chose this.

Sorry, it makes sense to me.

There’s been no noticeable progress with healing this week. There may be, in fact, a brief stutter step and a slide back a bit. I ate like a fool over the weekend and stuffed myself with things that don’t digest so well. Chicken wings, for example, tasty but… Let’s put it this way. There is no energy at all and quite a bit of discomfort. This healing business is going to require attention and mindfulness.

I hate attention and mindfulness.

Childish, no?

And just to revisit my comments on the quality of this mix, I could have gone my entire life without hearing a loungy cover of the Village People’s YMCA and still lived happily. It’s classically terrible. I’m going to pretend that the band performing it was going for stinky cheese with intent. They had to know. It’s pretty fucking awful.

And I can’t bring myself to turn it off.

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