Radio Quarantine -FREE REFILLS – Raw Steak Black Coffee (2019)

Kind of a change of pace for me this morning. From post-punk straight back to punk really, but a 2019 recording from a West Coast band. I’m not good at this stuff so what do you want to call it? Like electro-punk with kind of sassy, sexy, cheerleader vocals? Whatever. It’s clever stuff. The notes on the YouTubevideo say something about Lizcore, which is a term I’ve never heard before and Google didn’t reveal anything resembling a definition. My impression, if it accurately describes the music, is that it has something to do with girly sort of candypop aesthetics. Lots of fun, but not exactly a healthy expression? Hell, who knows?

Whatever you want to call the music, and that doesn’t matter, it says something about mood that I’ve settled into it this morning (and last night). It’s not necessarily a bad mood and far from a funk. I just feel… sort of pissed off and snotty. it’s a get the fuck away from me and we’ll both be okay mood. It’s a you stay over there and I’ll stay over here mood. It’s probably something to do with too much time inside. It’s something to do with being over all this bullshit. Not the pandemic. That is what it is. It’s turning on the news, or social media, and seeing an interminable stream of not just bad but really stupid ideas and conversations. The answer to that is simple. Dude, just flip the switch and go ready a fucking book already. Dip out and don’t come back for a while.

For all my immersion into the electronic/digital/cyber universe, and being relatively comfortable there, maybe some trees and nature are in order to regain balance. Something to… well I was going to say something to think about but it’s probably something to take action on.


Okay, just do it.

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