Radio Quarantine -One Hour of Russian Post-Soviet Communist Music

So… just as some acid trips are stranger than others, some internet rabbitholes are stranger than others. Every so often a search will yield something that you will never quite be able to wrap your head around. It’s unclear whether someone wanted to record these songs as historical documents, or if they remained faithful and Red after the Iron Curtain was torn down. Does Vladimir Putin sit and listen to these songs? My suspicion is that he’s a fan of the cheesy Slavic disco tunes and not marches, but we’ve got some cheese here too. Why am I sharing it? Is it for its historical value? Hell no!! It’s because it’s funny as hell. No other reason than that. Even the idea that I’ll be sitting away at 3am with this stuff stuck in my head humors me. What can I say? Leave me alone with my sense of humor. I’ll be okay.

That’s it for now. Maybe more later.

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