Radio Quarantine -NOVY SVET – Aspiral III (WhiteLabel / 2000) FULL 10″

A placeholder of sorts. Sometimes you go down a rabbithole and things come at you hot and fast. You either take proper account or they end up forgotten. Things move quickly down in the hole and it’s easy to lose track of things. NOVY SVET is a lucky find. This one was recorded over 20 years ago and could disappear as quickly as they were found. Lost in time. Lost in the non-linear maze of my dodgy memory. Just lost, so this is like a trailmarker.

There’s a second full length LP as well, recorded two years after this other:

I guess it’s easy to see that pretty doesn’t so much interest me. There was a 1500 question survey on a dating app I used. I didn’t answer all the questions but there were a few that interested me. One was “would you rather have good things happen to you, or interesting things?” You can guess what my answer was. Interesting things are good things, even when they aren’t necessarily the most pleasant things. That was a lesson hard-learned.

As an aside, there were quite a few interesting questions. One was, which super-power would you rather have, flight or invisibility? I answered the latter and I don’t know how that compares to other men but every woman I saw answered flight. It would be interesting to see how men answered that one and if there was a similarity.

Novy Svet though… is an interesting thing that happened to me. Doom folk? Industrial folk? All that, really.

So this is just a placeholder. A trailmarker. A pile of stones marking the spot where I stopped for a bit.

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