Radio Quarantine -ART FACT – In Fact (Demo / 1990)

I was going to leave the writing thing alone today as my thoughts aren’t exactly coherent and the messaging not cohesive, but then I clicked this one open. It was merely a question of the artwork, minimalist and probably hand-drawn. It just looked like it would be interesting, and it is. ART FACT was a… well, I was about to call them a Swedish export but they may have never made it out of Sweden. A Google search didn’t turn up anything but this 1990 demo and that’s kind of a shame. It’s pretty interesting. There’s definitely an 80s Sovietwave vibe to it which makes sense given how art and culture travelled in Northern Europe in the 80s. They lyrics are in English but delivered in a dour, staccato, moody tone. Not quite robotic and not the ominous baritone of Russian postpunk but… the vibe is there. It’s definitely an East meets West thing though, and it’s definitely an 80s thing, but that’s bad.

Pop musis is a strange world. Sometimes you hear someone who’s become successful and it makes perfect sense. The talent will be obvious. The amount of work they put into it is really obvious. It just makes sense. Then there are others that are complete head scratchers. The odd ones though are the groups like Art Fact who apparently did not make it, at least not in this incarnation. They are easily ore talented than many of the groups I’ve seen enjoy super stardom. I don’t get it. That’s how it goes though. Art Fact could have easily been an MTV staple were they in the right place at the right time.

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