Radio Quarantine -4th Melancholic Sovietwave Mix – Cold Soviet Nostalgy

In addition to having some insanely good playlists, this guy TRUCKFIGHTER has the best photos to accompany his SOVIETWAVE mixes on Youtube. It’s just the best photographic representation of the era and sounds. So hat’s off, there buddy. I’m a fan.

And as crazy as this may sound to some, these photos make me realize how much I miss real winter weather. There’s been precious little of it here in New York City for the last few years. There’s been a couple very cold snaps, and a few significant snowfalls. When all is said and done though, it does seem as if winter is done with New York City, in any meaningful way. It’s driving my wandering eye northward every time the itchy feet take hold. If a move happens, it may just have to be due north. Despite an appreciation for the shore and beach culture, it doesn’t really suit who I am. These photos capture something for me, and the clink of the electric keyboards in this mix is icy cold. Not sterile. There is some edge and grime. It’s just ice cold. Sovietwave. Cold Wave. There we go.

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