Radio Quarantine – Broken Little Sister – Memories, Violet & Demons (2010)

BROKEN LITTLE SISTER – The shoegaze band from Yokahama that’s behind The Beatles covers in the prior post in Radio Quarantine. Nothing not to love about this record either.

So this is all the soundtrack headed into a long Memorial Day Weekend. Does anyone remember exactly what we are memorializing? An idea, maybe, of who we profess to be as a race or nation. I’m not even going to say it’s an ideal because if it’s an ideal some ground rules and details should have been mutually agreed upon, but it’s pretty clear that’s not the case. Let’s leave those thoughts right there at that. I’ve no energy to argue the point.

Just make it through the day. That’s all this one is about. Make it through the day and do what you’re supposed to do to the best of your ability and then start fresh with something else tomorrow.

I wrote a letter this morning to an old lover with whom there are still unspoken words and unfinished business. It very well may be one of those cases where it’s best left that way. Why risk opening wounds? We are still in regular contact but the unanswered question of why we are still pops into my head on a fairly regular basis. There is love for sure and it’s clear it’s more than platonic love but what kind exactly is it? Are we squandering time when we should be acting on something, or should we just be letting go? I’m not entirely sure that we’re holding on for the same reasons when I can’t say for sure why I’ve never completely let go.

Love is funny that way. Life is funny that way.

The letter will most likely remain unsent. Maybe all old love should be allowed to go the way of a cymbal crash, decaying off into open space into silence. I am probably the last person on Earth to ask about love. I’ve crushed hard and loved hard and been crushed on and loved back and still have not a single answer about any of it.

Oh well. I woke up today and nothing hurts too badly. I’d still say the balance sheet shows me in the black on most things. Not finance but everything else.


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