Radio Quarantine – MC KETAMINE : LIT (2016)

MC KETAMINE… Said to be the very first hardvapour artist and who am i to argue. I threatened yesterday to put more up and who knows how far it will go beyond this. This one is interesting to me in that it bears so much less resemblance to structured music. It seems like sampled chaos to me, but that’s okay too. That’s pretty much where my head was at when i woke up this morning. This could have soundtracked my chaotic dreams over these last couple nights. We’re not even going to get into that. Who really cares?

It’s hard to imagine bouncing around a club listening to this blasting over the speakers. It’s just on the other side of my comprehension, looking out through a plate glass window. It’s out there but not anything I feel the need to see and touch. I’m quite okay sitting on this side observing. There’s a Lit 2 also, by the way and you can decide for yourself if that’s “lit” or not.

Again, this is all stuff that strikes me as music to take drugs that were made to make music to take drugs to. There’s a place for that, I suppose. It’s not that it’s not compelling without the drugs, because it is, but once more it’s more of an academic experience for me than visceral. I’m okay with that as well. There may be some point where it actually fits with the visceral contact but that’s not this morning. Of course at some point someone is going to come across this and read it and be insulted by it. That’s not my intent at all. Everything i’m saying says more about me and my current mental/emotional state than it does the music. Nobody should catch hard feelings because music doesn’t move me the way it moves them. It’s too trivial for anyone to be concerned.

For the record (no pun intended), I do like Lit 2 a lot better than Lit, and can actually feel the vaporwave connection more than the first. My understanding of how things are classified is very limited anyway. There are things labeled dark techno and hard techno that sound just like this, to me anyway. Anyway, we’re taking this shit around the world and it’s time for me to get ready to enter my other world.

Enjoy on whatever level you might enjoy this.

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