Radio Quarantine -wosX : Brasil World Cup 2034 (2016)

Okay, so it looked like the hardvapour kick was done, but then this came along with the summer heat and seemed a good match. Not seemed really but felt. Stick with your feelings and while feelings aren’t facts, sometimes you do okay with them. wosX definitely puts a different feel on the vapor thing.

It was this kind of vibe out and about the city (and Jersey City) yesterday. Not exactly chill but laid back despite some crowds. Not a full exhalation but a bit more at ease. Moving forward now. Moving forward. People had a bounce in their steps, whereas last year at this time if you saw anyone out they were just rushing to get done whatever it is they needed to do, and then get home with minimal contact.

Okay then. It’s 2021. We’ll see where that goes.

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