Radio Quarantine – Sexual Purity – Beautiful Scar of Society (2021)

Their words:

“Sexual Purity” is coldwave / darkwave duo from Dnipro , Ukraine . Inspired by the music of 80’s synth-pop and post-punk. The duo was formed in 2020 during the period of hard isolation . The main topics of the songs are mental condition in a veiled context with melodic rhythm of synth with dark and dismal pattern .

Inspired by the same phenomena as most of the entries on What Rough Beast, really. They’re about film and music (mostly music these days) and other things, but it’s all set in a bed of statements of mental condition, and a lot of it is dark. It’s my catharsis. It’s my daily exorcism, in a way.

SEXUAL PURITY is an interesting name for an act that sounds anything but pure, at least in any traditional sense. It’s got that darkwave, coldwave 80s goth sound that gives that vibe of being… perhaps defiled is the right word for it. Not innocent by any stretch. Not virginal. Not untouched. They don’t pull any punches when it comes to discussing their influences either. They know what it’s about.

Mental condition… It’s going to be interesting to see how that evolves as things open up further. One more week of entirely remote working to go and maybe things will never go back to the way they were? Maybe they will. It’s a hard call now. Most people seem anxious to put it all behind them and even forget that any of it happened, or act like they’ve forgotten. It’s readily apparent though that people now understand that most of what they believe is uncertain. That manifests differently from person to person. Some are determined to go back to doing things exactly the way they did, like superstitious rituals that will ward off another catastrophe. A smaller number, and I could probably include myself in this group, don’t want anything to do with 2019 and prior. The rest, I suppose, are just along for the ride. They’re frightened and unsure.

Psychologists and analysts must be cleaning up these days and making coin.

I would happily go back to five days in the office, though the logistics of that would make it difficult at the moment. I like that working away from home compartmentalizes time and space. I like routine. At the same time this would not mean going back to the other routines of navigating the city and other people. I definitely want something new but I’m not sure yet what that will look like.

Food for thought.

And yes, some of these daily musings have grown repetitive but it’s all about getting into the routine of thinking about how things should play out. It’s a daily reminder that this is an opportunity to start fresh in a way. The last 15 months have been illuminating and if some of the lessons weren’t put into practice it would all be a huge waste of time. I’ve wasted enough time. It’s time to move.


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