COVID-19, part ???

My new band name is DELTA VARIANT.

It’s been so long since I’ve done a pandemic update that I don’t even know what number I was at. It would be easy enough to scroll back to the last one, but ain’t nobody got time for that!

I wasn’t planning to do another entry this morning so this will be brief. It bears mention though that with everything opening up we were hit with news last week that a more easily transmissible and more deadly strain of COVID-19 has popped up. Refer back to my previous post and uncertainty and it all does come down to the adage, “if you want to make your god laugh, tell him your plans for tomorrow.”

So, on repeat, we will see how things go. We’re not altogether free and clear of this and it’s not a stretch to imagine that we could be back to those jarring, dystopian scenes of empty streets and subway stations. We aren’t in a position to forget them yet and consider them as once in a lifetime.

Delta Variant… even the names now seem like science fiction.

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