Radio Quarantine -Lida Husik – Bozo (1991)

Going back in this morning on LIDA HUSEK. It’s still not certain how this escaped me in the 90s but that’s the beauty of 2021. There’s more music available now than at any point in history for those willing to look for it. There’s never been a better time to be into exploring music. That’s a fact. I wonder if younger people understand this. It is strange though. I’ve got no excuse for missing this one. She is from DC, pretty prolific, and has been associated with all kinds of people. The ShimmyDisc label is loaded with artists like this though, whereupon you listen once and the first questions is, okay this person is a little offbeat but why aren’t they famous? There’s rarely anything inaccessible, but…

My brain feels like sludge this morning so we’ll leave it at the music. It’s perfectly okay to have nothing at all to say, isn’t it?

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