Radio Quarantine – Polar Inertia – Ripped Through The Valley (2020)

My running joke through the pandemic: 2020 was the year that I got so fucking bored that I listened to techno. That’s not a knock on techno or any other electronic music for that matter. It’s more a statement of how narrowed by tastes and listening habits had become. Then finding myself with a lot more time on my hands than in decades, the old sounds weren’t entirely sufficient to meet my needs in a world that had changed drastically while I was busy being busy. The world, as it turns and turns out, turned out to be much larger than imagined.

POLAR INERTIA is tagged thusly on their label’s Bandcamp page: electronic smog toxic chill out Berlin

I’ve not clue what toxic chillout means but if this is that, then I’m in.

I have to be perfectly honest here. I can’t imagine going out to listen to this in a club unless there was a lot of drugs involved, but that’s they way my twisted head works. It’s a little same-y from start to finish for my entertainment needs, but it’s really kind of perfect for listening at home. It’s music to get lost in, not background noise at all, but total immersion sounds and the louder the better. Or driving… Late night interstate balling all gas no brakes. Yes, yes and yes.

Now that’s something I haven’t done in a while. I can actually count the number of times I’ve been in a car since the pandemic started, probably on my fingers and a few toes. Anyway, this is late night driving very fast for a long distance music, unless of course you are desperate for something to sing along to.

Still sludge-brained though, so… let’s cut this short.

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