Radio Quarantine – Dirty Tuxedo – Noise In the Wires (Full Album 2020)

DIRTY TUXEDO is yet another that won’t even bother trying to classify. It’s some sort of spacy, pop ambient. It’s dark. It’s edgy. It’s not too too threatening or dangerous sounding but it’s still… off-center. Let me just leave it at that. It’s off-center. It’s not radio hits. And why should it be? As it turns out, “dirty tuxedo” is slang for shagging two different people using the same condom.

Okay then.

No, the album isn’t particularly sexual in any sense either, but…

Noise in the Wires is also one of those albums that I would have pulled out of a record bin to check out for the cover alone. So yes… no disappointments.

The heat has come down here, man, for real. That’s not just a turn of phrase. The city has drifted sideways into a fierce heatwave. It would be easy enough to let that drive the mood but I refuse to go there. There’s nothing wrong with me. It’s just sweat. Sweat is a good thing. Stay hydrated. Stay positive. Keep it moving. I’ve got to stay on track with that. People take the weather personally, like some external force has looked at them and decided to play a cruel joke. It’s funny in a way. I used to call the face that people make walking down the street in a heatwave the mask of death. It’s definitely ugly like that but it’s really more of a what the fuck why me face. It’s a look of grief and betrayal. It’s the look you might make if you found out that the entire world was legit trying to fuck you over and you’re hopeless to fight it.

I’m not going there because I’m pretty certain that The Universe doesn’t give a fiddler’s fuck about me. Or as Werner Herzog would say, “the universe is monstrously indifferent to the presence of man.” Everything just is what it is, and if anything it’s man that’s gone on a personal vendetta against the planet and made it hotter. If you feel that someone has betrayed someone or something, look in the mirror.

Me? I’m going to move through it. Whatever. Nobody really likes a heatwave but I’m going to focus my attention on shit I might be able to control, which is precious little actually. You can insert a laugh until you cry emoji here.

Anyway… This is a delightfully odd album. Nothing at all to do with the mood or climate, but that’s probably better.

Moving on.

Good morning.


  1. Hi Radio Quarantine. It really makes my day when someone has used their time and listened to the album and also for taking the time to mention me in a world of so much music out there. You have made my day Xxx


  2. The pleasure is all mine. Music got me through the lockdown and I’m really grateful to you and a bunch of others. Haven’t been so completely immersed in music in years.


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