Radio Quarantine – Trip Hop, Electronica, Breaks, House – NU URBAN JAZZ vol 2

You can’t always rock the same vibe from one day to the next and get the same… the same vibe… What works today often doesn’t work tomorrow so you stay open and flexible, ya know? Then there are other times where you’re not done with it, and that’s where Volume 2 slides in. IRMA RECORDS is nothing if not consistent in delivering the goods. It could just be that I’m an even better mood today but Volume 2 Nu Jazz might be better than Volume 1. I’m not measuring one against the other. They both get the job done. No shortcomings.

And the cover art, again, is stellar.

So I’m not working today, except the occasional check-in to put out fires because that’s how I do. There’s the tail end of a tropical storm sliding up the coast. The rain is steady. The hiss of wet tires on the pavement outside is steady. I’ve come to realize that I take a lot of comfort in that sound, day or night. There are cool beats on the box. There is hot coffee. This waking up thing is not bad at all.

And that’s an interesting thought because it’s never been waking up that’s bothered me. Getting up may be another story but waking up even on a bad day takes away the anxiety of having to address whatever it is you have to address. I’m a bandaid ripper. If the alarm is ringing my big feet are hitting the floor or have already done so. Not saying the shit that needs to get done gets done, but I’m up and moving.

That little tangent aside, waking up today still feels better than a lot of days.

Most days.

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